aoimonica "Distance"
Date: August 23 - September 30, 2019

While the gallery space of HRD Fine Art is currently undergoing refurbishment work during the summer-fall 2019, we restart our window gallery exhibition project "Demado Contemporary Art Project" (Demado Project), of which the last edition was completed in 2013.

As the 7th edition of Demado Project, we present a poetry installation exhibition titled "Distance" by writer aoimonica. In the form of correspondence of letters between two people, new poems will be added to the exhibit twice or three times a week during the period, making up a work-in-progress exhibition.

Instagram and accounts will be connected to the show, simultaneously updating the poems both online and on site.


* * * * *

Born in Kobe. Currently lives and works in Kyoto.
Creates essays, poems, and novels based on everyday life and trips. This is her first exhibition project but more literary-related projects are being planned now.
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