HRD Fine Art is an art gallery/art consulting office specialized in contemporary art from Japan and abroad, centered on East Asia.
We opened a permanent gallery space in Kuramaguchi, Kyoto in 2015, renovating a 90 plus year old Machiya townhouse, and showcase not only painting and sculpture but also photograph, video art, and installation.
We are also a multi-dimensional and versatile art consulting office actively involved in a wide range of art-related businesses and activities in and outside Japan, benefiting from our vast experiences and international network and contributing to a more exciting and more prosperous world of art, attractive to a broader audience.

Established: March 2008 (Gallery opened in April 2015)
Director: Akikazu HARADA
Postal address: 494-1 Kamigoryo-tatemachi, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 602-0896 Japan
Website: www.hrdfineart.com
E-mail: info@hrdfineart.com<
Blog (in Japanese): https://hrdfineart.exblog.jp/
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