New Coronavirus Countermeasures

HRD Fine Art implements the following countermeasures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus as we restart our exhibition program at the gallery.

i. Suspension of opening receptions
Previously, we used to host opening reception parties for our exhibitions held in the gallery to facilitate communication between the artists and the audience. However, to ensure safety of the visitors, we will suspend opening receptions for the time being.

ii. Body temperature measurement, unwoven facemasks, and hand disinfection
We kindly ask all visitors to measure their body temperature prior to their visit (on the same day). In some cases we might kindly request to measure the guest's body temperature using non-contact thermometer. Anyone with the body temperature at 37.5 or higher, or anyone with respiratory symptoms such as coughing, will not be permitted entry to the gallery. All visitors are kindly requested to wear an unwoven mask or equivalent or a higher-level respirator at all time during their visit. Cloth masks, urethane masks, and gauze masks are not permitted, and those with such masks are requested to wear unwoven masks provided by the gallery. Please contact us beforehand if you cannot wear a facemask due to specific health condition. Visitors shall disinfect their hands before they enter the gallery using alcohol-based hand sanitizer provided by the gallery.

iii. Limited number of people allowed in the gallery at once
In order to avoid congestion, we might ask visitors to wait outside the building until other visitors already in the gallery finish viewing the exhibition and leave.

iv. Possibility of temporary closure of the gallery or shift to appointment-only system
As a result of close monitoring of the pandemic situation and in order to safeguard all people involved in a more secure manner, HRD Fine Art might temporarily close its door and suspend the exhibition program altogether, or introduce an appointment-only system without prior notice or on short notice. We will make sure to notify such changes as swiftly as possible through channels that include our website ( and social media.

(Last updated: 2021.9.1)
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