Art Fair Tokyo 2009 @TOKIA

April 2 - 5, 2009 | Tokyo Bldg. TOKIA Galleria

Installation view

Works of Myungsook Kim

Works of Yuna Ogino

Works of Yuna Ogino

Works of Jungpyo Hong

Works of Jungpyo Hong

Work of Jungpyo Hong (Artactually - Krispy Kreme)
Artists Exhibited:

Myungsook Kim

Born in Gunsan, South Korea in 1972. MFA in Painting, College of Fine Art, Hongik University in 2003. Lives and works in Seoul.

Myungsook Kim paints tiny transparent glass beads soaked or floating in water, blowing them up until they start to look almost monumental, with hyper-realist technique. Though based upon photographs and wielding exquisite depictive brushwork, her resultant images are closer to that of abstract color-field paintings, filling our eyesight with raw visual sensations, inviting us to explore the sheer richness of light.

gLight and water unite in Kimfs painting to play havoc with our sense of visionh - Eric Shiner, gLet There Be Lighth catalogue, Gallery Hangil, 2008

* * *

Jungpyo Hong

Born in Seoul, South Korea in 1976. MFA in Sculpture, College of Fine Art, Hongik University in 2005. Lives and works in Seoul.

Jungpyo Hong borrows images from everyday consumer items, such as sweets and candies, or fish which you can find in a food market, or popular animation/videogame characters, to make his half-translucent resin sculptures. After laborious and repetitious process of applying plastic paint and grinding the surface, his work stands between sublime and mundane, and is a mixture of significance and nonsense. Hongfs sculpture, all the more because he is artisanal, questions imagery and its meaning.

* * *

Yuna Ogino

Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1982. MFA in Painting, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in 2007. Lives and works in Tokyo.

Yuna Onigofs painting deals with space and its complexity. Her main subject is actually conventional at all; plant - trees, flowers and leaves. However, on her canvas, branches, petals and leaves overlap one another, as if to erase off each other, so much so that there seems to be no sense of order; there is apparently no place where our eyes can rest. She does not aim at pretty pictorial composition, even in her composition-oriented series of work, instead always trying to reveal the complex beauty of scenery as well as unsettledness of human vision.

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