Hyunggwan Kim + Joonhyung Lee + Soojong Jang + Asahi Sugai

Venue: HRD Fine Art
Date: February 13 - 28, 2020
Hours: 11:00am - 7:00pm
Closed: Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed

Opening reception: February 13, Thursday, 5:00pm -

*Exhibition extended until end of March (appointment required)

HRD Fine Art is delighted to announce its first exhibition in the year 2020, titled gFramework,h presenting Hyunggwan Kim, Joonhyung Lee, and Soojong Jang of Korea, and Asahi Sugai of Japan. This international exhibition showcases painting, video work, and installation created by these four artists.

As the title suggests, this exhibition is themed around the notion of gframework,h which is essential to our viewing, perceiving, experiencing, and understanding of the world that surrounds us. From systems to laws and regulations, languages, physical principles, to common sense and stereotype, we have a lot of gframeworksh in human society. They are the windows through which we see the world, or the platforms on which we can build up and operate our lives.

However, these frameworks are often artificial and have the potential ability to change according to the change of time. When a framework changes, the world around us also begins to shift its shape and transforms into a new look.

Through their works, the four artists in this exhibition present the frameworks as something flexible that can be de/reconstructed, not as something absolutely fixated. Through these gwindowsh or on these gplatforms,h we can view and perceive the world in a totally different, fantastic way.

Hyunggwan Kim
"Awning B&W3" | digital print | 60x40cm | 2015

Joonhyung Lee
"Out of Frame" | digital print (still image from video work) | 30x42cm | 2015

Soojong Jang
"Derive - 231.Moses" | oil on canvas | 10x10cm (set of 28 pieces) | 2020

Asahi Sugai
"frame (since December 2018) No.2-C" | oil, acrylic medium, silver leaf on linen | 91x72.7cm | 2018
Exhibition View
Opening Reception
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