Toshiaki Yamaoka "Gutic Study"
Date: 2010.5.15-6.13

"Gutic" is an imaginary entity (or organism) conceived by artist Toshiaki Yamaoka, who says it is formless and lies underneath the ground or inside buildings, always evading our eyesight. The exhibition series titled "Gutic Study" is an attempt to present a possibility of something that exists out of reach of our perception eg. sight, sound or touch, which can be interpreted as a proof to the truthful and yet unknown shape of the world.
In DEMADO PROJECT we display a Gutic drawing of Yamaoka in a collaboration with studio90 in Kuze, Kyoto, who holds the artist's solo exhibition titled "Gutic Study" (2010.5.8-6.13). At studio90 Yamaoka shows a large-scaled installation visualizing Gutic, and the linkage between the two venues implies the limitless expansion of Gutic, and, furthermore, the uncertain nature of the world that surrounds us.

"We cannot capture even the scene in front of us. We are living in the construction of ambiguous fabrication and delusion in terms of outside of our sight. GUTIC could exist in our world certainly in the moment you feel something in front of you or beyond the wall or above the roof." (from Toshiaki Yamaoka's website)

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