DEMADO CONTEMPORARY ART PROJECT is a series of art exhibitions displayed in the window gallery at HRD Fine Art office/gallery.
This is a public art experiment, exhibiting works of contemporary art through the old-styled townhouse bay window (demado) facing the street of downtown Kyoto.
VOL.7: aoimonica "Distance"
VOL.6: Ryoko Kimura + Masako Yasuki "The Birds Lose Their Form after Their Colors"
VOL.5: Kaori Tanaka "Moonlight Mountain"
VOL.4: Kumi Kawashima "Treasured Memory Box"
VOL.3: Ayako Kurihara "Conversation with Mr. H"
VOL.2: Jungpyo Hong "Aqtualium"
VOL.1: Toshiaki Yamaoka "GUTIC STUDY"
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