Jungpyo Hong "Aqtualium"
Date: 2010.7.31-9.30

We are pleased to present the second installation of "DEMADO PROJECT" with Korean sculptor/installation artist Jungpyo Hong's works.

Jungpyo Hong was born in 1976 in Seoul. He mainly uses transparent resin to make sculputural works, which starts with molding and requires repeated polishing of the surface. He takes his theme subject from various sources ranging from food to consumer products to pop culture, putting them in a new context. These fish exhibited here are from a body of works titled "ArtActually - Fish." The models - the fish - are all sold at fish market, so they are, naturally, edible. However, painted in vivid colors and likened somewhat to some cool interior decoration, Hong's fish suddenly begin to float freely, dodging the water pressure that is the very notion of conventional "sculpture," and to swim carefree under the rough waves of fundamental question of art, that is "What is beautiful?"

This exhibition is titled "Aqtualium," to commemorate the recent announcement of construction of a new aquarium in Kyoto.

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