Ayako Kurihara "Conversation with Mr. H"
Date: March 1 - June 1, 2011

Opening Reception: March 1, 2011, from 17:30

We are pleased to announce the third exhibition project of "DEMADO PROJECT" titled "Conversation with Mr. H," an interactive installation project by artist Ayako Kurihara.

The exhibition "Conversation with Mr. H" is an installation exhibition in work-in-progress style, which is in line with the artist's recent installation series "Mind Games" adapting the rules of Othello Game (or Reversi) for painting. HRD Fine Art and Kurihara plays Othello Game with the help of internet (Facebook, to be precise), exchanging messages between Kyoto and Yokohama. Kurihara makes a stamp-painting, reflecting the progress of the play and recording each move, and after the game is over, resulting drawing is exhibited at the window gallery annexed to HRD Fine Art's office.

"Conversation with Mr. H" is an experimental art project, which involves various notions in modern society and contemporary art such as virtuality of information on the internet, possibility of web gallery, time and space shared between remote places, relationship between work-in-progress and finished work, interactiveness in art, definition of drawing etc, though it is just about playing an ordinary low-tech board game.

Please click here to be redirected to the record of the progress of game/painting for the period of 41 days.

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