GOLD EXPERIENCE 2: in Nagoya & Komaki
- Homage to the Golden Tigerfish -

[ Exhibition 1 ]
Venue: Satellite Gallery of Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music, Nagoya
Date: March 9 - 18, 2012
Opening reception: March 9, Fri, from 5pm

[ Exhibition 2 ]
Venue: Jokaiso (former Takeuchi Residence), Komaki
Date: March 10 & 11, 2012
Opening reception & artists' talk: March 10, from 1pm
*Artist Ryoko Kimura will host an interactive game-installation titled "Brothers in Jokaiso," on March 10th and 11th and you are invited to take part in the Sugoroku game which will feature drawing works of Kimura and will take stage at the whole building of Jokaiso.

Artists: Ho Han, Ryoko Kimura, Chion Lee, Takuro Noguchi, Hyunjoo Park, Noriyori Shirakawa, Masako Yasuki (+ Keita Hayashi)

We are pleased to announce a group exhibition titled gGold Experience 2: in Nagoya & Aichi - Homage to the Golden Tigerfish,h which features seven artists from Japan and Korea who create artworks - especially paintings - using gold leaf.

In art history both in the West and the East, the use of gold leaf in painting has a long and rich tradition. For example, Christian icons painted with tempera and mosaic murals in Europe; screens and lacquer paintings in East Asia. Though having seen separate development and evolution in terms of religious, metaphorical and aesthetically meaning and function, as well as technical and methodical difference, there have been several crossovers in the course of art history, such as Christian evangelists taking their glittering holy icons to Asian countries to impress the populace, and in turn, in 19th century, Japonisme boom in Europe saw a lot of artworks imported from Japan including gold-grounded screens and sliding-door paintings.

Though commonly regarded merely functioning as paintingfs background, the use of gold leaf has been assigned with far more important roles both in the West and the East, either to awe the viewer with religious sublimity or to exhibit imposing power and wealth of the owner of the painting, or to present infinite depth in the two-dimensional picture space.

In this exhibition gGold Experience 2h we will present the works of artists from Japan and Korea, who not only study and exercise traditional techniques and method of applying gold leaf, but also try to digest its historical values and meanings and to integrate them into their own creation. Through their works, with wide variety in style and subject, we would like to cast refreshing light on the aspect of material and technique in contemporary painting, and to provide the audience with a funfull opportunity to question the notion of gnewh painting in the 21st century, as well as to reconsider the messages, thoughts and ideals with which gold leaf has long been associated.

* * * * *

Satellite Gallery of Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music

Jokaiso (former Takeuchi Residence)

Ho Han
"Eternal Light" | 2010 | 53.3x53.3cm | mixed media

Ryoko Kimura
"Hayabusa - You so dare to..." | 2011 | 100x100cm | pigment, oxidized silver leaf, tin leaf on silk

Chion Lee
"Unexpected Meeting" | 2011 | 116.7x91cm | acrylic, pearl pigment, oil pastel, gold leaf, binder on canvas

Takuro Noguchi
"Landscape #12" | 2011 | 70~22cm | gold leaf, silver leaf, platinum leaf, Japanese lacquer, coal powder on panel

Hyunjoo Park
"touch of sun" | 2011 | acrylic, gold leaf, wooden box

Noriyori Shirakawa
"V-C-Light-2011" | 2011 | 97x130.3cm | aluminum leaf, tempera, oil on chalk grounded canvas

Masako Yasuki
"Pine Trees" | 2011-12 | 90x300cm (dyptique) | glue, pigment, Paris white, gold leaf on wooden panel, hemp cloth and Bolognese chalk
Exhibition View at Satellite Gallery at Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music Satellite Gallery

Gallery entrance

Gallery view (from right: Takuro Noguchi, Noriyori Shirakawa)

Gallery view (from right: Chion Lee, Hyunjoo Park)

Gallery view (from right: Ho Han, Ryoko Kimura)

Gallery view (painting+video installetion by Masako Yasuki and Keita Hayashi)

Gallery view (painting+video installetion by Masako Yasuki and Keita Hayashi)

Opening reception
Exhibition View at Jokaiso (former Takeuchi Residence)

Jokaiso building

Introductory drawings and brochures for interactive game-installation "Brothers in Jokaiso" by Ryoko Kimura

Western room (Hyunjoo Park, Ryoko Kimura)

Landing (Chion Lee)

Japanese room on the 2nd floor (painitng+video installation by Masako Yasuki and Keita Hayashi)

Japanese room on the 1st floor (Takuro Noguchi, Ryoko Kimura)

Japanese room on the 1st floor (Noriyori Shirakawa)

Buddhist altar room (Ho Han)

Artist talk

Artist talk
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