Midori Terashima + Fuyuji: Yami

Venue: HRD Fine Art
Date: April 1 - May 21, 2016 (Open on Friday and Saturday and by appointment)
Hours: 11:00pm - 6:00pm

HRD FINE ART is delighted to present a two-man exhibition featuring painters Midori Terashima and Fuyuji entitled "Yami."

Terashima has been consistently creating abstract paintings, mainly focusing on oil paints and presenting images that hint at landscapes and plants, so that one can feel exuberant energy of life coming out of her work. Fuyuji predominantly works with acrylic paints and deals with such motifs as human figures, animals, and trees, representing them with clear-cut contours and in fantastically vivid colors. For this show, these two very different painters, albeit both known for their deft use of abundant colors, showcase paintings under the theme of "Yami," or darkness without colors.

For some time just after the Great East Japan Earthquake and ensuing accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, there were less light and illumination at night throughout Japan, which was the result of either the need for conserving electricity or the display of sympathy and solidarity toward the victims. Now, after five years, however, bright illuminations are back and as dazzling as ever before, and every night the streets are filled with the beams from liquid crystal screens, big and small.

Darkness used to play an important role in extending human imagination and spirituality. Long time ago our ancestors trembled in fear by fantasizing ferocious monsters in the dark forests, and therefore worshipped fire as something sacred that can light up even the darkest nights. Darkness \ in physical terms, at least \ is becoming harder to find in the modern human society, which no doubt has made our lives more convenient, more comfortable, and safer. However, we might have lost track of some of the senses and sensibilities we used to have in exchange for brighter nights.

This exhibition will entice the visitors to rediscover darkness and its intriguing aspects, including the fear of darkness that inspires imagination and spirituality, and the dark colors and shades that make paintings deeply attractive.

Midori Terashima
"oto 2" | 2016 | 38x45.5cm | oil on canvas

Midori Terashima
"oto 3" | 2016 | 38x45.5cm | oil on cotton and wooden panel

"black phantom" | 2016 | 60.6x45.5cm | acrylic on canvas

"into the morning" | 2015 | 10x10cm | acrylic on canvas
Exhibition View
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