Yuna Ogino Solo Exhibition: Things in a Small Garden

Date; November 8 - 23, 2009
Venue: Gallery ADO (Kumamoto)
Support: Kumamoto Broadcasting

Artist's Talk: November 8, 2009, from 17:00

HRD Fine Art is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of emerging painter Yuna Ogino, who adopts the composition of space peculiar to the traditional Japanese painting in her oil paintings with flowers and plants.

Yuna Ogino was born in Tokyo in 1982, and earned her masterfs degree in oil painting at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. While in the university she used to make video and installation work, but recently she primarily works on painting, taking up rather conventional subject such as flowers and plants, and is pursuing the possibility of original painting of her own by exploring and experimenting with color and form.

This young artist herself admits the influence of traditional Japanese painting, saying, gI have always been interested in Japanese textile patterns and fusuma-e screen paintings. Taking full advantage of the characteristic of oil paint, and borrowing the eflatf space composition from Japanese paintings, I am trying to achieve a new way to deal with the picture space, putting color planes, lines and figurative forms all together.h
Her work ranges from the compositional, rather decorative paintings, which clearly evoke the flatness of traditional Japanese pictures; to the more intuitive, freely executed works with abstract lines and patterns which coexist with depictive figures of flowers and leaves et cetera.
All her works, regardless of the difference of style, share a certain dynamism that invites the viewerfs eye to wander and stroll about restlessly in and out of the painted surface; they all have multi-layered, complex composition of space in common.

Painted over, stained, or erased off... calm and reserved tones are often interrupted or intruded by random lines and colors, which, just like noise sound, forcefully call for our attention, thus reminding us of spontaneity and physicality inherent to the act of painting.
In the current situation of contemporary art in Japan where gimageryh (or gillustration-esqueh) paintings are all too dominant, Oginofs works offer us a refreshing visual experience, or genuine joy of seeing, which only gpainterlyh paintings can provide.

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Gallery ADO
Kawaramachi 2, Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto
Works (selected)

"GARDEN-21" | 2009 | 145.5x97cm | oil on canvas

"GARDEN-22" | 2009 | 30x30cm (set of 3 pieces) | oil on panel

"Things n.01-09" | 2009 | 22x27.3cm (set of 4 pieces) | oil on canvas
Exhibition View

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