SAMSA 2018: Homage to Insects

Venue: HRD Fine Art
Date: November 10 - December 29, 2018 (Open on Friday and Saturday / otherwise by appointment)
Hours: 11:00am - 6:00pm
Artists: Takehito Fujii, Fuyuji, Miwako Iga, Mizuho Nishibata, Yuna Ogino, Miho Tsujimoto

HRD Fine Art is pleased to announce an opening of group exhibition "SAMSA 2018: Homage to Insects," to coincide with "Jungopyo Hong: The Matter of Concern to Me." This group show is a collection of small-sized artworks themed on insects or bugs, ranging from photography to painting, sculpture to installation, and features six Japanese artists: Takehito Fujii, Fuyuji, Miwako Iga, Mizuho Nishibata, Yuna Ogino, and Miho Tsujimoto.

Insects are very familiar to us humans: they are omnipresent, very close to our everyday life, be they beautiful butterflies, Autumn crickets chirping in the grass, good-looking beetles, or harmful insects. Yet, they are totally different from us humans in many ways: they have many legs; they can fly; they are much smaller; and they never communicate with us. There also still remain so many mysteries about insects' life and evolution.

Insects are completely, overwhelmingly alien to us. It may be because of that alienness that Franz Kafka transformed a young man named Gregor Samsa into an eerie, poisonous insect in his famous novel titled "The Metamorphosis," to symbolize absurdity of the human condition.

This exhibition presents a wide variety of art media including sculpture, painting, as well as photography, approaching the theme subject of "insects" from different perspectives and thinking. Familiar, beautiful, but still mysterious, insects seem to give us some food for thought regarding our own life and existence.

Miwako Iga
"Butterfly - Blue" | C-print | 20x30cm

Yuna Ogino
"p-291016_2" | oil on canvas | 18.2x22cm | 2016

Miho Tsujimoto
"Today, Coming Out from There" | oil on canvas | 19x11cm | 2017

Mizuho Nishibata
"you" | mixed media | 25x30x5cm | 2017

Takehito Fujii
"New Bugnification" | iron | 11.5x18.8x22.9cm | 2010

"kiss, kiss, kiss me!" | acrylic on canvas | 130.3x162cm | 2015
Exhibition View
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