Jungpyo Hong: Super-duper Surveillance System

Date: November 22 - 27, 2009
Venue: Art Space The Corner (Seoul)

The image of shark triggers various sensations inside us. Even though having never been attacked by one, we are inevitably stricken by fear, feel scared, just to imagine swimming in the same water with this merciless man-eating creature. At the same time, however, we find a sort of beauty in a shark: it can swim fast, its body is ideally suited for a marital life, there are no parts unnecessary, no parts missing; in a word, sharks are predators in perfection. We admire them as king of almighty in the sea.

Sculptor Jungpyo Hong loves shark, all the more because of its two-faced nature. For him shark is like fighter plane; frightening, formidable, dangerous, but coolly designed and superbly effective in predation. Most men, you may say, like sharks, no less than fighter planes.

In this short-term exhibition titled gSmart Surveillance System,h we showcase Hongfs shark sculpture in Art Space The Cornerfs project space faced to the busy, high-fashioned street in Samcheongdong: a shark patrolling the city, or closely watching the street, checking if everyone is safe and fine. The shark is a symbol of power and authority. Its terrifying but beautiful presence will totally change the neighborhood everyday steeetscape, and will remind the pedestrians of the complexity of modern city life under incessant surveillance.

This exhibition is a part of gIn the Hotelh program organized by Void Gallery Initiative.

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Art Space The Corner
5-2 Jaedong, Jungro-gu, Seoul
Exhibition View

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