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Toshiyuki Nanjo's works exhibited at Kawasaki City Museum
Artist Toshiyuki Nanjo's photographic works from "suns" series will be exhibited at Kawasaki City Museum's collection exhibition titled "Mirror / Reflected Images" from October 3rd through November 29th.
For more information please visit the museum's website:

Ayako Kurihara participates in "Asuka Hikari-no-Kairou" in Nara
Artist Ayako Kurihara participates in an outdoor art event "Asuka Hikari-no-Kairou (Coridor of Light)" taking place on August 29th through 30th in Asuka Village, Nara Prefecture. Kurihara will exhibit her installation work at the site of ancient Itabuki Palace.
For more information please visit the Asuka Village website:
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