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Midori Terashima's solo exhibition in Osaka
Midori Terashima presents a solo exhibition in Nipponbashi, Osaka.
"Midori Terashima: Unknown Forest"
Venue: Gallery Ami-Kanoko, Osaka
Date: November 7 - 18, 2023

Viewing extended for Tsutomu Haraguchi's "New-Type Advertisement"
Viewing of the exhibition currently on display at HRD Fine Art, "New-Type Advertisement" by Tsutomu Haraguchi, will be extended through November 11th, though by appointment only.

Closing talk session at Tsutomu Haraguchi's solo exhibition
HRD Fine Art will host an artist talk session as a closing event of the current exhibition "New-Type Advertisement" by Tsutomu Haraguchi, with artist Keiichi Ikegami as a guest speaker. No appointment required & admission free.
Facebook event page

Kaori Tanaka's solo exhibition in Mie
Kaori Tanaka is currently presenting her solo exhibition in Inabe, Mie Prefecture.
"Kaori Tanaka Solo Exhibition"
Venue: Iwata Syouten Gallery, Inabe
Date: October 1 - 31, 2023

Gery De Smet participates in ARTZUID sculpture biennale in Amsterdam
Artist Gery De Smet, whose solo exhibition "Hidden Signs" will go on display from April 1, 2023, will participate in ARTZUID 2023 Amsterdam Sculpture Biennale in the Netherlands.
"ARTZUID 2023"
Venue: Amsterdam City
Date: May 21 - September 24, 2023

HRD Fine Art cooperates on art festival in Cheongju, Korea
HRD Fine Art cooperates on a street art festival to be held in Cheongju City, Korea, titled "Daesungro 122 Art Road," coordinating the exhibition of artworks by Japanese artist Akihito Okunaka and his workshops for kids.
"Daesungro 122 Art Road"
Venue: Cheongju City, Korea
Date: September 2 & 3, 2023

Takashi Suzuki participates in photo festival in Nagano
Takashi Suzuki participates in "Asama International Photo Festival 2023 Photo Miyota," showcasing video-projection artwork "KAABA (Kaleidoscopic Amplifying Abstract Binary Algorithm)."
"Asama International Photo Festival 2023 Photo Miyota"
Venue: Miyota Town, Nagano Prefecture
Date: July 15 - September 3, 2023

Noriyori Shirakawa participates in group show in Kyoto
Noriyori Shirakawa participates in a group exhibition titled "refrain" at Kunst Arzt in kyoto along with artists Chie Sakai and Asako Setoh.
Venue: Kunst Arzt, Kyoyo
Date: August 18 - 27, 2023

HRD Fine Art co-curates international exhibition in Jeonju, Korea
HRD Fine Art cooperates with the City of Jeonju in Jeollabukdo, Korea, on an international friendship exhibition as part of 2023 Culture City of East Asia program, titled "Harmony," on view through August 13th. This exhibition includes artworks of 11 artists from 4 cities designated as Culture City of East Asia 2023, namely Jeonju of Korea, Chengdu and Meizhou of China, and Shizuoka Prefecture of Japan. HRD Fine Art takes charge of the curation of the Japanese part, coordinating the participation of 3 artists (Akihito Okunaka, Takashi Suzuki, and Reico Motohara). Other participating artists are Beomjun, Seo Wanho, Lee Ruri, Jo Haejun of Korea, and Gu Dian, Zhang Jin, He Gong, Deng Jianjin of China.
"2023 Culture City of East Asia Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition: Harmony"
Venue: Palbok Art Factory & Hanbyuk Cultural Center, Jeonju, Korea
Date: July 14 - August 13, 2023

Ayako Kurihara participates in open studio exhibition in Yokohama
Artist Ayako Kurihara participates in open studio exhibition art BankART Station where she works as resident artist.
Venue: BankART Station, Yokohama
Date: June 9 - 11 & 16 - 18, 2023

HRD Fine Art participates in art event at Hanshin Department Store in Osaka
HRD Fine Art will participate in an art event titled "Hanshin Art Meeting Vol.2" to be held at Hanshin Department Store Umeda Main Store in Osaka from May 17th through 23rd, along with five other galleries. We will exhibit works of four artists: Kaori Tanaka, Moe Amano, Midori Terashima, and Tomiyuki Kunihiro.
"Hanshin Art Meeting Vol.2"
Venue: Hanshin Department Store Umeda Main Store 8F Hello Culture, Osaka
Date: May 17 - 23, 2023

Masako Yasuki's two solo shows in Kyoto and Otsu
Masako Yasuki holds two solo exhibitions in two cities, Kyoto and Otsu.
"Masako Yasuki Exhibition: Procession of Light - exposed time, invisible forms"
Venue: galerie 16, Kyoto
Date: May 2 - 13, 2023
"Masako Yasuki Exhibition: Mists of Time - Views of Omi"
Venue: 2kw gallery, Otsu
Date: May 4 - 28, 2023

Tsutomu Haraguchi organizes group show in Kumamoto
Tsutomu Haraguchi organizes a group exhibition at Gallery Nakao titled "Spiritual Landscape: Painting trip," as a sequel to the exhibition "Spiritual Landscape E." Artists Kaori Tanaka, Nao Sano, Hirotsugu Ueno, and Yiling Liu take part and exhibit artworks.
"Spiritual Landscape: Painting trip"
Venue: Gallery Nakao, Kumamoto
Date: May 2 - 21, 2023

Noriyori Shirakawa exhibits in Seoul
Artist Noriyori Shirakawa exhibits his works together with Korean artist Taehyuk Kim at a two-man exhibition at Gallery Soyeun in Seoul.
"Noriyori Shirakawa / Taehyuk Kim: Anatomy of Reflection and Floatation"
Venue: Gallery Soyeun, Seoul
Date: May 10 - June 3, 2023

Miho Tsujimoto participates in group show in Osaka
Miho Tsujimoto participates in a group exhibition taking place at a gallery in Osaka.
Venue: Atelier Sangatsu, Osaka
Date: April 21 - May 7, 2023

Tomoko Tsuda presents solo exhibition in Kyoto
Ceramic atist Tomoko Tsuda, whose works were on display in the exhibition "Pine Tree / Rhinoceros Horn" at HRD Fine Art in 2022, presents her solo exhibition at Myorenji Temple in Kyoto.
"Tomoko Tsuda Solo Exhibition: Matsu Wa Tomozure"
Venue: Myorenji Temple, Kyoto
Date: May 4 - 8, 2023

Tsutomu Haraguchi presents solo exhibition in Kumamoto
Artist Tsutomu Haraguchi exhibits his works at an alternative space in Kawajiri, Kumamoto. Viewing is by appointment only.
Venue: Alternative Space kaaf, Kumamoto
Date: April 21 - May 7, 2023

Kaori Tanaka's solo exhibition in Kyoto
Artist Kaori Tanaka showcases a solo exhibition at the newly opened shared studio "Studio KAN" in Kyoto.
"Kaori Tanaka exhibition"
Venue: Studio KAN, Kyoto
Date: April 3 - 16, 2023

Ryoko Kimura's solo exhibition in Tokyo
Artist Ryoko Kimura, who presented her works at DEMADO PROJECT exhibition "Ryoko Kimura + Masako Yasuki: The Birds Lose Their Form after Their Colors", showcases her solo exhibition in Yotsuya, Tokyo.
"Ryoko Kimura: BE MY MODEL! Returns"
Venue: The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo, Tokyo
Date: March 21 - April 2, 2023

Ayako Kurihara's solo exhibition on display in Tokyo
Artist Ayako Kurihara presents her solo exhibition in Nihombashi, Tokyo.
"Ayako Kurihara: Tokyo Othello"
Venue: Roonee 247 Fine Arts, Tokyo
Date: March 21 - April 2, 2023

Hirotsugu Ueno selected for "VOCA 2023"
Artist Hirotsugu Ueno, who exhibited his paintings at the 2021 group show "Spiritual Landscape E", is selected for and participates in "VOCA 2023" exhibition at the Ueno Royal Museum in Tokyo.
"VOCA 2023"
Venue: The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo
Date: March 16 - 30, 2023

Miho Tsujimoto participates in a group show in Osaka
Artist Miho Tsujimoto, whose works were exhibited at "SAMSA 2018: Homage to Insects" in 2018, participates in a group show in Osaka.
"Currently art"
Venue: Gallery Shibatacho, Osaka
Date: March 3 - 12, 2023
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