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[WRITING] Essay for catalogue of group exhibition at Sangsangmadang in Seoul

AH wrote an essay for the catalogue of exhibition "Visible Voice part II: Very Tribvial" at Sangsangmadang in Seoul. Gallery Loop planned and organized the exhibition deaing with the theme subject of human communication, which was held in October and November, 2008. The short essay accompanies the works of artist Jang Woosuk.

Gallery Loop:

[EXHIBITION] Jungpyo Hong's installation project in Seoul

Sculpture artist Jungpyo Hong's work "Art Is (HG)" will be exhibited at Art Space The Corner in Seoul.
Art Space The Corner is a small window-gallery/project space located in-between Samcheongdong and Bukchun where many galleries, cafes and craftshops are found. This will be the last installation exhibition for the gallery, which will be closed at the end of November.
HRD Fine Art plans and organizes this short-term exhibition, which is a part of the program called "In the Hotel" organized by Void Gallery Initiative.

"Super-duper Surveillance System"
Venue: Art Space The Corner (Seoul)
Date: November 22 - 27, 2009

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[EVENT] Jury for Kawaramachi Award 2009 in Kumamoto

AH took part in an annual art competition "Kawaramachi Award 2009" in Kawaramachi, Kumamoto on November 8, 2009, as one of the juries. AH gave the Special Jury Prize to the sculptor/installation artist Jun Uezono.
[EXHIBITION] Yuna Ogino's solo exhibition in Kumamoto in November

Yuna Ogino's solo exhibition will be held in Kumamoto in November at Gallery ADO. The gallery is located in Kawaramachi area, known as "Art Town" and renowned for its various art-related activities.
HRD Fine Art plans and organizes Ogino's first solo exhibition in Kumamoto, place of her family roots.

"Yuna Ogino Solo Exhibition: Things in a Small Garden"
Venue: Gallery ADO (Kumamoto)
Date; November 8 - 23, 2009

Artist's Talk: November 8, 2009, from 17:00

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[EXHIBITION] Photo exhibition "Yoin / Hibiki" to be held in Seoul in October

A group exhibition of three Japanese photographers, titled "Yoin / Hibiki (Remaining Sound / Reverbtrating Echo)" will be held at Gallery Hyun in Seoul in October.
HRD Fine Art plans and organizes this exhibition, which features work of Toshiyuki Nanjo, Seiko Oka and Asako Tanaka. With the keyword "yoin," or remaining sound, this show aims at revealing how this aesthetic concept unique to Japanese visual art and literture has been tranferred to the field of contemporary photography.

"Yoin / Hibiki (Remaining Sound / Reverbrating Echo): Works of Three Japanese Photographers"
Venue: Gallery Hyun (Seoul)
Date: October 24 - November 8, 2009

Opening Reception: October 24, 2009, from 17:00
- Live Performance of Butoh Dance and Music (Performed by Dakei et al.)
- Artists' Talk

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[ARTIST] Jungpyo Hong participates in Open Studio at Goyang Art Studio

Artist Jungpyo Hong will take part in an open studio exhibition at Art Studio in Goyang, Korea, which is run by National Museum of Contemporary Art.

"Open Studio 5 (Part 2)"
Venue: Goyang Art Studio
Date: October 23 - 25, 2009
Exhibition Info:

> Artist Info (Jongpyo Hong)
[EVENT] "Two Night Dance" dance and music improvisation at Hyun Gallery

Prior to the opening of "Yoin/Hibiki" exhibition, "Two Night Dance," a two-night series of improvisation performance will be held at Hyun Gallery in Seoul. On October 21st and 22nd, dancers and musicians lead by Dakei will collaborate on a special improvised program.

"Two Night Dance"
Venue: Gallery Hyun (Seoul)
Date: October 21 - 22, 2009
Time: 19:30-20:30 (Gates open at 19:00)
Dancer: Dakei, Aya, Asuka Itagaki / Musician: Ken Nobunaga, Scott Jordan, Yukie Sato (only on 22nd)

[WRITING] Essay on Inujima Art Project for bi-monthly magazine "Platform"

AH wrote an essay for "Platform" magazine, a bi-monthly published by Incheon Foundation for Arts and Culture, about Inujima Art Project in Inujima Island, Okayama, which is organized and supported by Naoshima Fukutake Art Museum Foundation. The article appears on 2009 Sep/Oct issue.

[ARTIST] Yoonjeong Choi's solo exhibition at Hongik University Museum

Painter Yoonjeong Choi's solo exhibition, titled "Round and Round, Everyday," will be held at Hongik University Museum in Seoul.

"Yoonjeong Choi Solo Exhibition: Round and Round, Everyday"
Venue: Hongik University Museum, Seoul
Date: September 28 - October 2, 2009

> Artist Info (Yoonjeong Choi)
[ARTIST] Park Hyunjoo's solo exhibition in Seoul

Artist Park Hyunjoo will hold her solo exhibition titled "diagram of light" at Vit Gallery in Samcheongdong, Seoul this month.
Park Hyunjoo studied at the graduate school of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. Park create paintings and sculptures using gold leaf. She is also the organizer of Gallery Hyun where the group exhibition "Yoin / Hibiki" will take place in October.

"Park Hyunjoo Solo Exhibition: diagram of light"
Venue: Vit Gallery (Seoul)
Date: September 15 - 28, 2009

> Artist's Website
[ARTIST] Seiko Oka participates in "P&E" exhibition

Artist Seiko Oka, who will exhibit works at "Yoin / Hibiki" exhibition at Gallery Hyun in Seoul in October, is now participating in a juried exhibition titled "P&E" at Art Court Gallery in Osaka.

"P&E - Presentation & Exhibition"
Venue: Art Court Gallery (Osaka)
Date; August 27 - September 5, 2009
[ARTIST] Yuna Oginofs two solo exhibitions in August

Two solo exhibitions of Yuna Ogino are planned in August, at Koshinkan and Gallery at St. Luke's International Hospital, both in Tokyo.

"Garden - Plants, Trees and Flowers: Improvisation with Color and Form"
August 6 - 18, 2009
*Artist Talk: August 9 (Sun), 14:00-

"Small Works"
Gallery at St. Lukefs International Hospital
August 17 - 23, 2009

> Artist Info (Yuna Ogino)
[ARTIST] Ayako Kurihara on Artist-in-residence program at BankART Sakuraso

Ayako Kurihara is staying at BankART Sakuraso in Yokohama on the Artist-in-residence open stuido program for 2 months from the beginning of June.

"Mind Games 2009 in Sakuraso"
For more information please visit the artistfs blog:

> Artist info (Ayako Kurihara)
[LECTURE] Lecture at Osaka Kyoiku University Graduate School

HRD Fine Art organized a special lecture at Osaka Kyoiku University (Kashihara Campus, Kashihara-shi, Osaka) on July 31, 2009. Titled "Reports from art frontline," the lecture was intended for the master course students who major in art and art education, and the focus was on how the things work in contemporary art society and art market.
[ARTIST] Myungsook Kimfs solo exhibition in Seoul

Myungsook Kim's solo exhibition is on show at Gallery Mano in Seoul. New paintings are exhibited at her second solo show at Gallery Mano, which is located in the fashionable residential area called Gahoe-dong, close to Insa-dong, famous as a gallery street as well.

Gallery Mano
May 20 - June 19, 2009
For more information please visit the website:

> Artist info (Myungsook Kim)
[ARTIST] Ayako Kurihara launches a new magazine-ike artist-book

The first issue of gGekkan-fu (Monthly-like) Ayako Kuriharah has been published by the artist, who works in photography, painting, installation and performance, earlier this month. A sort of new style, quasi-periodical artist-book, which includes her essays and photographs and other articles, this magazine will be published in a limited number of copies (1st issue is produced in 40 copies).
For more information please visit the artistfs website:

> Artist info (Ayako Kurihara)
[EXHIBITION] Exhibition at Art Fair Tokyo @TOKIA (Gallery Hangil)

HRD Fine Art helped Gallery Hangil with exhibition at Art Fair Tokyo, selecting artists and directing the booth installation.

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